DUE: 14 November 2017



ParaBoss is Australia’s premier information resource for sheep producers wanting to better manage parasites of their sheep and goats.

ParaBoss is a not-for-profit organisation funded primarily by sheep producer levy payments collected by the peak wool and livestock industry bodies.

There are three information-rich websites: WormBoss, FlyBoss and LiceBoss

These websites started operating from 2005 before the rise of mobile devices for web use.

It is now time to upgrade sites so that users have a positive experience no matter what device they use for access.

Our current web developer has indicated the desire to retire from this service, but will provide assistance during a changeover phase.

Required services

ParaBoss is seeking expressions of interest from established individuals or companies who believe they are capable of providing the following services for ParaBoss:

1.Incorporate responsiveness into the existing web templates

2.Provide an ongoing service to maintain and improve the websites

3.Develop further web based tools

4.Create additional similar web pages/sites


ParaBoss is seeking the services of an individual or company that:

  1. Is based in or between Sydney and Brisbane, Australia
  2. Has successfully provided the aforementioned services for at least 5 years
  3. Intends to continue to provide services for the long term
  4. Is responsive and easily available to the client
  5. Will develop a personal relationship with the client, so there is continuity of service with one or a few long-term developer staff
  6. Has development staff able to meet with us in person occasionally to discuss and present ideas and options for web functionality
  7. Keeps current with advances in relevant technology
  8. Is proactive in offering solutions for functionality and design

Additional Information


There are currently four (4) websites: WormBoss, FlyBoss, LiceBoss and ParaBoss.

The first three are content-rich sites with hundreds of pages about parasite control. The ParaBoss site is an overarching site that directs users to the other sites and houses our newsletter system and subscription database and some other generic information.

The sites have a number of interactive tools that allow users to make choices and be directed to recommendations or where they can search for chemical products and associated information.

Website specifications

The core websites of the ParaBoss suite reside on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) provided by Net Logistics ( This encompasses CPanel WHM management, with accounts for each of the four websites,,, and

The VPS level of hosting is utilised to allow for a hosting terms of service agreement which permits bulk level email distribution for the e-newsletter services, currently integrated within the websites.

The websites are constructed on a LAMP services model. Currently utilising a CentOS 6.8 Linux platform, Apache 2.2 web service, MySQL 5.5 database service, PHP 5.4 scripting service, and supplemented at client side with JavaScript using the Mootools OOP library.

Access to edit and/or upload files for the websites is available via regular means such as FTP, SSH or the CPanel file management console. No specific Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is required to develop and manage these websites.

Please note however, that these services are based on a custom Content Management System (CMS), and are not based on any out of the box website template framework such as WordPress or Joomla. As such, the management and development of these services will require a developer or team who is adept at programming in PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and basic Linux shell scripting. The WYSIWYG web based editing functionality is facilitated through a custom configured instance of CKEditor.


The sites have a number of interactive tools and we have another major tool needing to be developed as soon as possible. More may be needed in the future.

These tools encompass a mix of static data, as well as dynamic data retrieved from a MySQL database. With the dynamic data able to be updated via a self-admin system.

PHP is used to deliver this data in page or on-the-fly through AJAX scripting, depending on the specific tool. Client-side interactivity and AJAX retrieval is provided via JavaScript, using the Mootools OOP library.

New web content

Four new sites are to be developed in early 2018 that will house content for cattle information. These will come under three of the existing sites as subsites, with a fourth new, but similar site to be developed. These new subsites/pages will require new templates.



If you meet all of our criteria and can offer the required services, please provide in a thorough, understandable, but succinct manner:

  1. A short overview of your business (up to 1/2 page)
  2. A description that supports how you can provide the 4 Required Services and meet the 8 Criteria on page 1 (up to 2 pages)
  3. A list of your programming staff, their time employed with you and their particular skills (no more than a few lines each)
  4. Links to 5 sites that you have developed that demonstrate the services ParaBoss is seeking
  5. Contact details for the site owners/managers of the abovementioned 5 sites so that we can contact them as referees if required
  6. Your pricing structure

Please email your expression of interest by Tuesday 14 November 2017 to

Dr Deborah Maxwell

ParaBoss Operations Manager