RSS Subscriptions

Along with our regular newsletters and industry updates which you can subscribe to receive via e-mail from the Subscribe links at the top and bottom of our website, the ParaBoss website also publishes RSS feeds for it's media releases and workshops / events listings. These RSS feeds allow those who like to be kept in the know as soon as things happen, to subscribe and receive these updates for our recent news releases and upcoming events as soon as they are posted on the website.


The following ParaBoss RSS feeds are available for you to subscribe to:

Latest News
Coming Events


What is RSS?

RSS, commonly known as either Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, is an industry standard means of sharing regular information updates (also known as feeds) like as BLOG articles, news articles, event calendars, and even multimedia podcasts. RSS is both free and anonymous so you don't need to subscribe using your e-mail adress, nor will you need to be registered as part of any social networking service to use it. RSS feeds operate instead through an anonymous subscription using a software program or online service which is RSS ready.

RSS has been in use since 1999 and is a fairly well utilised method of data syndication, so you will find it is supported by many programs and services such as web browsers, e-mail programs, and even personal websites frameworks and social networking portals. You may even be surprised to know that mobile phones, personal organisers, and tablets have a number of RSS feed software / apps available that you can install and use to receive updates from your favourite RSS feeds whilst on the road with these mobile devices.

What you see when you receive your RSS updates is similar to what you see in latest news and coming events listings on our home page, just depending on the product or app you are using. So what you will receive is basically the headlines and essential information for what you need to know about each item, with the option to then click through and view more information from the relevant web page for that article if you require complete details. Some products may even show you your updates as a form of e-mail inbox, where you can open and read each of your updates as you receive them just like you would your e-mail messages.

RSS subscriptions are also easy to remove, since everything is controlled from your end. Should you decide that you no longer wish to receive updates via a particular RSS feed then you can simply select and remove that subscripton from within your RSS program and will be all you need to do, you are now unsubscribed. There's no complex unsubscribe processes. This process is all anonymous as well, so not even we will know when you have subscribed or ubsubscribed from our RSS feeds.

Which RSS Client Should You Use?

Unfortunately we aren't able to recommend any one particular product to use for your RSS subscriptions since there are many of them and each persons' own requirements will vary. There are however many products available which you can use for free, and some probably already installed on your computer system or mobile device as well.

What we can instead recommend, is that you decide what is going to be the most useful means to receive your RSS updates and investigate the available software options for that particular platform. For example if you will find it most useful to receive RSS updates on your phone or mobile device, then investigate what programs are available to receive RSS on those devices. Alternatively if you wish to use your computer system, then find out if your e-mail program or web browser supports RSS for you (which many do) and you may be able to integrate you RSS updates into the programs you are already using.

Quite often you will find that by simply clicking on the subscribe link provided above your web browser will provide you with a list of options it knows are already available for you on your computer system or mobile device, and you can then select the one from that list that you would like to use. If none of the options provided by this method suit your needs, then a quick search of the Internet for RSS feed readers for your platform should provide you with a list of potential alternatives to explore and try. You might also wish to visit's page on RSS feed readers as a starting point to help find some common free alternatives.

If still unsure, then your best bet would be to have a chat with your local computer store, IT support staff, or web developer, and just ask them what they would recommend for your needs. If you wish to use a mobile or tablet device to receive your updates, then have a chat with your local telecommunications (mobile phone) store or web developer who works with these devices and just see what apps they might recommend to best suit your particular mobile device.