ParaBoss Technical Workshop 2016

ParaBoss would particularly like to thank our workshop sponsors, who have made it possible to host such an event.

Platinum sponsor: Virbac

Gold sponsor: Zoetis

Silver sponsors: Australian Wool Innovation and Meat and Livestock Australia

Other trade exhibitors: Elanco and Jurox

The proceedings of the workshop are presented below our Platinum and Gold sponsors' notes.


Virbac sponsor message

Virbac would like to thank ParaBoss for the opportunity to be the platinum sponsor at the recent technical workshop held in Coffs Harbour. 

The workshop presented an excellent opportunity for the industry to come together for the purposes of sharing our experiences and to learn from one another. We left the workshop feeling that those two objectives had been met. Furthermore, we welcome further collaboration with industry and ParaBoss on similar initiatives.

Ultimately, the productivity and sustainability of the Australian flock relies on the advice and solutions provided to producers from the various commercial, scientific, and government participants.

As a commercial entity we are naturally biased towards our suite of products.  However, as a scientific entity we also recognise that our range of anthelmintics is not necessarily a one stop shop.  Our technical veterinarians and sales managers will not hesitate to recommend competitor products in appropriate circumstances. Moreover, Virbac does promote practical integrated pest management practices.

We feel that this pragmatic approach backed up with sound technical expertise and our broad range of anthelmintics means that Virbac offers the industry:

  • diversity;
  • flexibility; and
  • credibility.

P.S. We look forward to seeing you all at the next industry workshop! 

ParaBoss thanks our Platinum sponsor: Virbac Australia

Zoetis sponsor message

Zoetis is a world leader in discovering, developing, manufacturing and marketing medicines and vaccines — as well as complementary diagnostics, genetic tests, and services. With more than 75 years of experience and a singular focus on animal health, we strive to make our products, services and people the most valued by our customers around the world.

In 2014 Zoetis introduced Startect® to the Australian market. Startect represents the first time a new active – derquantel, from the spiroindole class – has been launched as a combination (with abamectin) from the beginning. This combination means Startect is not only a highly effective drench, but delays the development of resistance to each active.

ParaBoss thanks our Gold sponsor: Zoetis Australia

Workshop proceedings

The inaugural ParaBoss Technical workshop was held at Aanuka Resort, Coffs Harbour NSW 3–4 March 2016. The workshop was fully subscribed, well supported by sponsors and was a high energy meeting of 67 animal health advisors under the professional facilitation of Dr Gerry Roberts.

The workshop format was a deliberate attempt to provide learning in two directions—from topic presenters to participants and from participants to ParaBoss—and to encourage interaction among participants. The feedback we received indicated that participants enjoyed and valued the interactive approach, but wanted more opportunity to learn from topic experts. We will ensure this feedback is used when planning the format for the next Technical Workshop in 2018.

Purpose of the ParaBoss Technical Workshop

The purpose of the Technical Workshop was to:

  • Provide a structured opportunity for participants to engage and share opinions about four important and contentious parasite topics, with the purpose of identifying new information for inclusion in ParaBoss websites, and research and extension opportunities.
  • Foster ownership and endorsement of ParaBoss by participants.
  • Strengthen professional networks and the role of the ParaBoss Technical Forum.
  • Leave participants fulfilled (heard, learned, enjoyed, wanting more).

The four topics that were the focus of the Technical Workshop were identified through the ParaBoss Technical Forum and the ParaBoss Technical Committee as both important and contentious.

Table 1. Workshop topics and sub-topics

Drench resistance management

  • Role of refugia
  • Rotation of drench actives
  • The importance of prior drench resistance
  • Prediction of drench efficacy

Timing of preventative flystrike treatments

  • Non routine preventative treatment guidelines
  • Guidelines for early season treatment
  • Should rotation of actives be practised and how
  • Is resistance to fly treatments an issue

Scouring and dag formation

  • Causative factors of scouring and dag formation
  • How can causes of scouring be diagnosed
  • Current control recommendations
  • The role of early L4 stages and hypobiosis

Preparing low worm-risk paddocks

  • Incomplete data to support effectiveness of recommendations
  • What length of preparation is enough
  • What reduction for infective stages % or L3/kg for each species
  • What are the factors that compromise effectiveness


>>Go to the presentations and the summary of notes for each topic.


Outcomes from the ParaBoss Technical Workshop

A summary of the workshop outcomes has been prepared for each topic and subtopic and includes the feedback provided by each group on the large recording sheets used in the workshop. The outcomes are presented as new information for consideration in ParaBoss websites, and research and extension opportunities. Where existing information is contained within ParaBoss websites and is directly relevant to the comments, the url is provided.

Any information captured on the large recording sheets that is already published on the ParaBoss websites has not been included in the Workshop Summary.

We encourage you to take time to re-read information on the ParaBoss websites to refresh your knowledge on worm, fly and lice management.


ParaBoss is the national organisation that leads the development and extension of best practice information, training and tools to improve parasite management of sheep in Australia. ParaBoss manages:

  • The web sites WormBoss, FlyBoss and LiceBoss, which attract over 10,000 users each month.
  • ParaBoss News e-newsletter sent twice each month to 3,400 subscribers
  • The ParaBoss on-line Technical Forum with 180 members and open to professionals involved in sheep parasite research, extension, advisory or consulting work. The forum is used to debate important and contentious issues with the purpose of improving practices and identifying R&D opportunities.
  • The ParaBoss biennial Technical Workshop to debate the most important and contentious issues emerging from the Technical Forum, leading to changes in best practice information and tools on the websites and identifying R&D opportunities.

ParaBoss is supported by a national Technical Committee that provides specialist expertise in the control of worms, flies and lice across all sheep producing regions and close connections with industry.

ParaBoss was developed by the Sheep Cooperative Research Centre, and is managed by the University of New England, with support from Australian Wool Innovation and Meat and Livestock Australia.