ParaBoss Technical Workshop 2020

Preparing a sheep parasite control calendar


Where: The Function @ The Beachouse, 4 Colley Tce, Glenelg, SA

When: Tuesday 10 March 2020, 8.45 am to 5 pm (smokos and lunch provided)

Cost: $120 per participant, Students $80, Farmer “clients” free

Registration: By Wednesday 19 February 2020

Registration and payment link: Registration and Payment

Further information:

Dr Susan Swaney, ParaBoss Technical Manager

Deborah Maxwell, ParaBoss Executive Officer





Informative  ♦  fun  ♦  light-hearted competition  ♦  networking


Who should attend this workshop?

Vets in sheep areas, both private and government; sheep health consultants; sheep extension staff and facilitators; rural merchandise staff with an animal health focus; pharmaceutical company sales staff and their technical managers; leading producers and farm managers; veterinary and animal health lecturers/academics/researchers/students.

How will the workshop help you?

The sheep parasite control calendars, allow you to:

  • Develop a program you/your clients can be confident in, that reminds you/your clients of key events and ensures the correct products are on-hand at the right times.
  • Cover all aspects of sheep parasite management and ensure the most appropriate products are used, including best use of treatments to manage development of resistance.
  • Ensure timing of parasite management activities are best suited for your district.
  • Understand how to best use the technical advice on ParaBoss.
  • Develop skills and confidence in parasite management.
  • Understand the biosecurity and welfare implications.

What will you learn?

Participants will learn a process that captures a farmer's current practices, relevant objectives, and their particular farm situation, and combines it with ParaBoss recommendations, and then allows the participant to develop simple, but effective, annual farm management and treatment calendars for control of worms, flies and lice.

What process will be used?

The workshop will commence with some short content presentations followed by workshop sessions to develop management calendars.

Participants will work in small groups, each with a farmer providing a real-life scenario. A facilitator will assist each group so that the participants are the “advisor” and the sample farmer is the “client”.

Participants will learn the questions and process to gather appropriate farmer information and how to incorporate these and ParaBoss recommendations into a management calendar.

How can I be involved?

Get a team together of “advisors” and a farmer “client” who is happy to share their farm as a sample farm.

As the workshop process involves teams of 6 “advisors”, we are encouraging you to talk with your colleagues and friends to form a team of participants, however, it is not essential to come as a ready-made team. The farmer “client” will be at no cost. Reward a farmer by bringing them along as the “client” or we can find you a farmer.

You are also encouraged to sponsor the attendance of a veterinary, rural or agricultural science student who shows an interest in sheep parasitology.

If you are a producer interested in attending, this workshop is also targeted to suit sheep owners/managers with a strong interest in parasite management who are the key management decision makers for the property—In particular, professional managers of large or multiple properties. The workshop process will put you in the role of an “advisor” with another farmer “client”, but you will take away a process to use on your own property.