WEC QA 2020 Cancelled

The 2020 round of the ParaBoss WEC QA Program has been cancelled due to foreseeable freight delays. The program relies on swift transport of perishable samples across Australia within a 5-day period. This was successfully achieved with Australia Post in the 2019 main round with all samples arriving at their nominated address by Friday, after being prepared and then sent in eskies with freezer bricks on the Monday afternoon.

Australia Post is still warning of continuing and unpredictable freight delays, which are unlikely to improve by our planned October send-out. Our samples would likely take one to two weeks for delivery, in which time freezer bricks thaw and eggs hatch.

We have recently trialled methods to prevent the eggs from hatching so soon (formalin and air exclusion). These have failed to maintain acceptable egg counts.

ParaBoss apologises for any inconvenience this causes to businesses hoping to participate this year. The 2019 results will remain published for a further year. We hope that some normality will return by this time next year to recommence the program.

Producers using worm egg counting services are still urged to use WEC providers who have proven their accuracy in the 2019 round. Find them listed here.