WEC QA Registration

The ParaBoss WEC QA Program is run for WEC service providers to demonstrate their ability to provide an accurate worm egg counting service, and for livestock producers to then find these ParaBoss-endorsed WEC service providers.

2020 round of the ParaBoss WEC QA Program is cancelled

due to freight delays associated with the COVID-19 pandemic

What are the benefits of participating?

  • You will be provided materials on how to conduct WEC.
  • Successful participants will be promoted to industry:
    • Your business contact details can be listed on the WormBoss Service Providers page.
    • ParaBoss will conduct ongoing promotion of the collective ParaBoss-endorsed participants.
    • ParaBoss regularly responds to requests for WEC services by directing people to the WEC service providers page.
    • You will receive branding to use on your promotional materials to promote your successful participation.

If unsuccessful, you will be provided with suggestions on what may have gone wrong and where to seek additional training or assistance.

How many registrations?

  • One registration is completed for a single business where the samples are all sent to the one location.
  • Where one business requires samples to go to multiple locations, separate registrations must be completed for each location.
  • Note: cost depends on the number of operators (see costs below).

What is the cost?

  • The program operates on a user pays basis for the participating laboratories and operators, but with fees set as low as possible by ParaBoss to cover costs.
  • The program development costs have been paid by ParaBoss funders: AWI, MLA and UNE.
  • Your cost is calculated on your location, the number of operators, plus the number of sample sets required.
  • As with many laboratory QA programs, ParaBoss accreditation and endorsement is valid for one year.


How many sample sets do you need?

The number of sets depends on how many people you can gather to count at the same time.

Once a sample is mixed with salt solution it must be counted immediately (within about 45 minutes).

 You must consider the logistics of having all of your staff present at the same time.

One set can be used by 5 people IF THEY ARE ALL AVAILABLE.

This may not be possible at your location.

If you have more than one operator, or you are in an "on call" business (vets, rural merchandise staff) this link has ESSENTIAL reading on the Logistics of testing.