WormBoss for sheep and goats

Worm infection is the most costly disease of sheep and goats with an estimated respective yearly cost of $436 million and $2.5 million to these Australian industries. The major cost of worm infection is from lost production.

WormBoss provides the latest information about worms and management tools including Drench Decision Guides and Regional Worm Control Programs to help you:

  • Solve your current worm problem;
  • Implement an effective integrated worm control program; and
  • Manage drench resistance.

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WormBoss for Cattle

Worms can significantly affect farm profitability and animal welfare outcomes for cattle, particularly young cattle raised in the higher rainfall zones. Cattle in coastal and higher rainfall areas are also at risk for liver fluke.

WormBoss for cattle provides the latest information to diagnose, manage and treat worms and liver fluke.

  • Regional Worm Control Programs;
  • Management, including testing, non-chemical control and breeding for resistance;
  • Treatment options, including managing drench resistance.

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